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Sinisa Tamamovic - eventi ba intervju

Siniša Tamamović je već odavno medjunarodno poznat dj i producent iz Banja Luke, Bosna i Hercegovina. Osjetivši poziv deep, tech i tech-house zvuka, koji se prožimao Kontinentom kasnih 1990tih i Siniša je stao iza dj pulta, te u narednih 15ak godina izgradio sjajnu reputaciju, zbog koje su mnogi prelazili granice samo da dožive zvuk kojim je Siniša prikupljao mase gladnih techno, tech-house i minimal zaljubljenika.

Prošle sedmice smo imali priliku razgovarati sa ovim umjetnikom i saznati malo više o njegovim počecima, stvarima koje ga vode, uspjesima i sceni u BiH:


Sinisa Tamamovic – Interview for Enough To Buy Bread

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If you’ve ever wondered how possible it is to become an international DJ this next interview is for you. Sinisa Tamamovic hails from Bosnia but is now based in the UK. His jet-setting lifestyle makes him an elusive character but eventually I cornered him at his own party and he agreed to tell me how he makes enough to buy bread.

When did you know you wanted to be a DJ?

It just happened. I was always interested in music and in 1998 I meet a Serbian DJ in my hometown who asked me to play at a  local club, without any experience! That first night he left me alone – that was the best way to learn how to play! And that is how everything started.


Thirteenshoots with Sinisa Tamamovic – Interview

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Sinisa Tamamovic - Beatport 500x500

Nearly ten years on, Sinisa has established a reputation for throwing mind-numbing parties across Europe, attracting a legion of followers willing to cross borders to get a taste of his twisted techno, tech-house and minimal beats.

01. Define yourself in 3 words…
Careful, Sensitive, Balanced

02. Are you obsessed about anything?
Oh yeah:) Most of the time my obsession lies within music, my releases. Gigs also get me really excited.