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Sinisa Tamamovic Endless Night EP is out on Umek’s 1605

sinisa tamamovic endless night ep 1605

Sinisa Tamamovic – Endless Night EP is available now on Umek‘s imprint 1605. Listen or get it on BEATPORT

When you wake up at 2 am on a school night, get up and go to bathroom and then can’t fall back asleep, because you’re too wired to stop thinking about cold fusion and breeding issues among lowland gorillas in certain parts of Democratic Republic of Congo, which brings you to the point that Congo isn’t really democratic, much like the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Do penguins have knees? Oh, my phone is charged, I can look it up on Wikipedia. They do have knees, but did you know it consists of two articulations: one between the femur and tibia, and one between the femur and patella. Articulation is another name for a joint, but not the blunt, which could in fact come in handy right now to help me fall back asleep oh fuck the alarm went off.