Feb 23, 2024 02:09pm

"I Am a Dancer," a track from Marc Romboy and C.A.R., initially featured on Kompakt's renowned "Total 21" album, is now reimagined with three fresh mixes.

Voiced by C.A.R., also known as Chloe Raunet, renowned for her work with Kill The DJ and Ransom Note, the track carries a straightforward message: she is a dancer.

This declaration serves as a testament to one's love for electronic music.

This collection introduces three novel interpretations. The A-side showcases the first-ever collaboration between Marc Romboy and London's Sinisa Tamamovic (known for Sci + Tec, Yoshitoshi), offering a dynamic remix that flawlessly blends their distinctive sounds.

On the B-side, Innervisions' standout artist of the year, Skatman, presents his remix, offering a fresh take on house music that navigates the realms of hip house, techy house, and minimal grooves. Accompanying this is another remix by Dense & Pika, setting a new standard for futuristic techno tracks with their exceptional production.

This powerful vinyl release is a must-have for enthusiasts of cutting-edge electronic music.





Marc Romboy & C.A.R. - I Am A Dancer - Sinisa Tamamovic & Marc Romboy Mix