Sinisa Tamamovic – Mood – Kraftek Joint


Sinisa Tamamovic‘s first release in 2015 is out now on Beatport.
Pleasurekraft presents: Kraftek Villains Vol 3 including tracks from Sinisa Tamamovic, Rafa Barrios, Miguel Bastida, Darkrow, Giuseppe Rizzuto. No witty description needed here – these tracks all speak for themselves.


Sinisa Tamamovic & Mladen Tomic – On N’ Off EP – Night Light Records

sinisa tamamovic mladen tomic on n off ep

In 2008 we started our first digital release with Mladen Tomic‘s and Sinisa Tamamovic‘s EP. Six years after our label heads decided to deliver a new EP together. On n’ Off EP opens with a track by Sinisa Tamamovic called ‘Nights On’. Sinisa’s fresh new techno groove and massive bass lead us into a dark loopy melody; putting all elements into a hypnotic break before the bass hits again. The second track called ‘Lights Off’ produced by Mladen Tomic goes more into a sub groove with a rising break, electronic effects, short sampled vocals which definitely make an atmosphere which defines Mladen’s signature sound. The boys are back in town! Available now on Beatport.


Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic – Skin Song Of Skull Island – Sinisa Tamamovic Remix is out now on Kraftek

pleasurekraft kraftek

Sinisa Tamamovic‘s new remix for Pleasurekraft, Jaceo and Vedic is out now on Kraftek. For this special release we decided to give this release free to our followers. Check it out on SoundCloud and get it for free. Happy holidays!


Alberto Ruiz & Joe Blake – Ride It Out EP – Night Light Records

alberto ruiz

Alberto Ruiz and Joe Blake have collaborated on two rocking tracks. We are proud to have such a massive EP, already tested on the dancefloor and results are just pure madness! We love it! Available now on Beatport.


Sinisa Tamamovic – Room 45 – Cologne – Germany – Live DJ set

Sinisa Tamamovic‘s new live DJ set is available now for listening or free download. This time 3 hours mix from Room 45, Cologne, Germany. Check it on SoundCloud.